First post!

Thought I would set up a place to share a few photos of our little munchkin when she is born, and my rambling whinges in the lead up.

Today we are 2.5 weeks off due date. As someone at B’s work suggested – we are officially in the ‘drop zone’. Signs of this are:

– B freaking out every time I call him.

– I get less cranky when people say ‘wow you must be about to pop’… because rude though you may be stranger, you are now close to correct.

– Strange and unusual late term pregnancy ailments that I have avoided thus far – ie carpal tunnel syndrome.

– Very usual late term pregnancy symptoms – hormotions getting the best of me, can’t sleep, attention span of a goldfish.

– Have nearly packed a bag – so there must be some sense of urgency. I say nearly – there is a pile, the baby stuff is sorted, but I keep getting distracted before I finish packing my…

– Easily bored of things – is this list long enough now?

We still have a few things on the ‘to do’ list but nothing urgent. We have a place for Babe Scarf to sleep, a correctly installed car seat, a place to change her nappies, a bath and PLENTY of clothing. I have not done my tax return or finished my filing. Nor have I updated the firmware on my ‘i’ devices or replaced the doorknob that has fallen off our bedroom door. But the basics are done and most importantly, B & I are beyond excited to welcome little Olof* into our family.

*No – this will not be her name but is what we have called her since she was the size of an Olive. Calling her Olive seemed strange when one of our favourite Icelandic singers is called Olof (Olof Arnalds) – here is a beautiful song of hers about being pregnant (which I did not know until I found this link!):



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