Project 333 – the Mama Scarf version

Now I am not what you would call a hoarder. I frankly LOVE purging. The sensation of cleaning the decks and having space and getting rid of things that I don’t love or use. However I am an acquirer. I am the demographic. I am the marketers dream. When shopping I can convince myself that the absolute perfect white t-shirt will change my life. After all, imagine the amount of things in my wardrobe that a crisp white tee will really finish off! Invariably I will get home and curse those damn flattering department store mirrors that they position on a slight angle to make you look skinnier than you are…

As a result I have too much stuff. Too many white t-shirts that frankly don’t fit that well and certainly don’t make that floral pencil skirt look better than it actually is… And that don’t quite hide this post-baby muffin top that I’ve got going on…

So I am going to embark on the Project 333 – a commitment to go for 3 months with 33 items of clothing. I actually typed 333 just then which I believe to be an entirely more accurate slip of the freudian variety. This appeals greatly to my desire to have less stuff, to buy less stuff and also to challenge myself. There are a bunch of rules and exceptions – for example – this doesn’t include PJ’s or workout wear. However you aren’t allowed to wear workout wear when you aren’t actually working out, which will be a bit of a challenge to me. In fact I caught myself wearing a pair of running tights and a sarong wrapped around my top the other day – can anyone say ‘breastfeeding mama’??

This is probably the best timing for this kind of challenge as I don’t have that many clothes that I fit into that are suitable for breastfeeding so the cull should be reasonably painless.

I will post back with some photos of the ‘chosen few’ but in the meantime – here is what I am currently working with (bearing in mind that there is also a huge amount of pre baby clothing in the top of the wardrobe and all the work and dressy frocks are in baby Scarf’s room…)

(gosh this is ugly – I could have at least tidied them up before taking the photo!)





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