Project 333 – ‘After’

Well I did it. I sorted through all the clothes in the wardrobe and came up with the 33 pieces of clothing that I will wear for the next 3 months (till April 21).

I have given myself a few extra dispensations:

– I didn’t count breastfeeding singlets (4) as I have the wear them under most things.

– I will have a ‘one out, one in’ policy – i.e. can replace something, but something has to go. In particular I have a pair of pants that desperately need replacing.

Here is the 33:


And the empty cupboard next door:


And the ‘lounge’ and ‘workout’ wear section, this is actually drastically reduced from what it was. My love of running over the years has lead to a collection of Lululemon tights that is almost embarrassing. I only kept 5 out 🙂


And finally – the list!

  1. Grey tee
  2. White tee
  3. Black tee
  4. White 3/4 sleeve top
  5. Black 3/4 sleeve top
  6. Blue shirt
  7. White shirt with neon collar
  8. Bright pink shirt
  9. White short sleeve blouse
  10. Black layering singlet
  11. Chambray shirt
  12. Stripy tee
  13. Orange sleeveless shirt
  14. Black cardigan
  15. Snake print cardigan
  16. Denim jacket
  17. Coral skirt
  18. Floral pencil skirt
  19. Blue denim jeans
  20. Black jeans
  21. Black pants
  22. Black 3/4 pants
  23. Print shorts
  24. Ikat print skirt
  25. Floral dress
  26. Black wrap dress
  27. Black and white striped maxi dress
  28. Brown havaianas
  29. Silver thongs
  30. Brown and gold leather sandals
  31. Tan Leather sandals
  32. Tan wedges
  33. Black open toed flats




2 thoughts on “Project 333 – ‘After’

    • That is what I think, and I am allowed to upgrade a piece if it needs to be replaced 🙂 and have a few swaps here and there! So far it has been easy! Even considering I get vomitted on and have to change clothes at least once a day!

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