Letter to Leila – 6 months



Dear Leila,

You are 0.5! I can’t believe it. Surely you are still my tiny bundle? HA!!!! You are a growing girl now. This month you hit 8kg and who knows how many cm. You are wearing size 1 pants though so I think it is many cm… 

The biggest, most life changing thing that happened this month was that you started sleeping through the night. Not 5 hours through the night, 12 hours – 7pm till 7am. Woah. I have not caught up with you though and neither has your Daddy. He and I wake a lot during the night but we can go back to sleep. I had a 6 hour sleep the other night – that was a record. We like to watch you on your video monitor. You roll around into all corners of your cot. Once I came in to find you face out at the end of your cot, your legs poking through the bars and your mouth wrapped around one of the (metal) bars.

You have a complicated relationship with people other than your Dad and I. You love your Nannas, but everyone else – who knows. Sometimes you love people and sometimes you screw your little nose up at them. In fact screwing your nose up and pursing your lips has become your ‘go-to’ expression for anything you find distasteful – hunger, parsnips (actually that is screwing your nose up AND vomiting such is your displeasure), strangers, mummy sometimes, being tired, teething. Yes teething. Your tooth hasn’t come through yet but I can see it under the gum and you are seriously cranky about it. Everything you put in your mouth seems to hurt but you compulsively chew nonetheless. Poor little monkey.

You have been doing some awesome laughing lately – particularly for your Nanna, but also for me if I work hard. And sometimes randomly like in the Doctors office before your 6 month injections. Then you stopped laughing but that was predictable. A quick verse of ‘Ole Macdonald had a chicken’ got you back smiling again and forgetting the horrific violation of trust that I had just subjected you to. 

You are seriously alert this month. You are really playing with things. It is not all about chewing on things anymore and I am constantly surprised by the things you can do by yourself. You can sit up to play with things now which is cool. You still topple over when you get tired or distracted though 🙂

And how could I forget your commando crawling! It is amazing. Every metre is hard won as you drag yourself across the floor, but every day you get a bit more efficient. You can cover quite significant amount of distance but I am not too worried about you getting into too much just yet, you aren’t very fast… 

It is still our favourite part of the day to get you out of bed in the morning. You are so happy to see us. We always do it together as neither of us want to miss out on those first smiles and the frantic kicking and waving and rolling that ensues. When your Nanna was here she got the biggest smiles at wake up time.

We love you pumpkin xxx


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