Oops – letter to Leila – 7,8,9 months…

The fact that I haven’t written a post in the last 3 months is testament not to there being a lack of things to write about but rather my inability to sit down and focus for more than 3 minutes. This is not your fault baby girl, you are awesome. But Mummy is just keeping up right now.

We have had lots of ‘life’ stuff in the last few months. Dad got a job in Perth and we decided to make the move. This is excellent because we have lots of family here, but it is also sad because your Dad’s side of the family are in Sydney still. We managed the move without too many tears because we have 3 trips back planned just this year. What this means is that you have had a lot of change for a little girl. You have handled it like an absolute champion, but every now and then you let me know that you would like to just settle down and hang out for a couple of days without doing much. 

You are doing new things all the time. Just last night you pulled yourself up to standing on Daddy’s legs and got yourself into a sitting position to get to a toy. This week you have become a waving bandit. You wave at everything, preferable inanimate things, but sometimes people too. Mostly you like pictures or statues of people. Daddy freaked out the other day when you crawled down the corridor and started waving at the staircase. He thought someone had come in the house, but no, you were just waving at your balinese lady friends in the painting hanging over the stairs. Perhaps our highlight has been that you have learned to say the ‘pop’ in Pop Goes the Weasel. We have it on video and watch it over and over again. We constantly tell you that you are clever. Daddy read that we should be praising your effort instead of when you do clever things. I think he is joking…

I weighed you the other day and you are now 10kg. I think you have slowed down a little in the height department but I don’t really know as it is largely impossible to measure you, especially on my own.

You are still quite a loud young lady but you are more chatty than shouty these days which is nice. Actually I think that you react badly to dairy foods which makes you shout, no doubt because you have a sore tummy.

You have started in the last month to do things specifically for the reaction you will get. You have a very cute winky face that you do when people are laughing at you. You keep doing it to get more reaction and it is extremely adorable. Your daddy and I are so in love with you that it probably wouldn’t matter which face you pulled 🙂 You like to go on the swing in the park now. Your commando crawling is expert, but you are starting to lift your bum up to crawl properly – no interest in putting your weight on your hands though yet! You can hold yourself standing for ages now but I don’t think you will be walking in the next month (!).

You are a real thumb sucker these days. If you want a cuddle you stick your thumb in your mouth and look at me plaintively. In fact you will give Daddy and Nan, Granddad and Nanna a cuddle too now so I am not so special. It is a bit embarrassing though when you look at me or when someone says ‘mummy’ and you put your thumb in your mouth and lay your head on my shoe/foot/knee or whatever you can reach. Sometimes just the floor. Still those 3 second cuddles before you notice something more interesting are the absolute encapsulation of the joy of parenthood. It is so delicious.

When you were born your Dad and I told ourselves that we would play you good music and that you would grown up with excellent musical tastes. Ha! You love your nursery rhymes and in fact it is the only thing that will keep you happy on car rides longer than 10 minutes. I have tried other music but as much as I want to gouge my ears out after hearing baa baa black sheep for the 10th time in a day, it is better than your cranky shouting the whole way home. My friend referred to nursery rhymes as baby crack. I can only agree and laugh at my pre baby delusions…

Baby girl you are clever and funny and gorgeous. And you work very hard too (see Daddy!). Nah just kidding, you actually have a very low tolerance for frustration, but that is ok – you are a baby.



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