10 months (and 2 weeks…)


(Leila in her favourite part of the house during her grandparents surprise wedding!)

Baby girl there is no stopping you now! I find myself marvelling at how clever you are and how much you are learning and doing, every single day.

You are really getting the hang of pulling yourself up to standing on things. You particularly like the leather couches and you always have a little chew or lick of the fabric on the way up. Speaking of which, you have 4 teeth all the way through and two more on the way. You are a drool monster.

Your crawling is fast and effective, if not particularly elegant. You are showing some signs of wanting to do a proper crawl, but mostly you are happy with your commando hybrid crawl. It is possibly cruel but you do excellent crawling just before your bath when we put you on the cold bathroom floor – no one wants to commando crawl on that!

You are getting quite adventurous with your eating and you much prefer finger food now. If I could bottle your enthusiasm for mandarins I could change the world. Or at least single handedly support the mandarin industry. You like pikelets, bread with vegemite, sweet potato, pumpkin, peas, sultanas (just a few as you like to chew on them for a few hours…), any form of rice cracker, baked sticky porridge bar things, great nanna’s pumpkin scones, bananas… And you love drinking out of your own sippy cup with your own straw.

We showed you some kids tv for the first time this month. I think you were frankly amazed that there is something other than AFL on tv as that is the only time we have the tv on when you are up. You were transfixed and when you give up your morning nap you can bet your bottom dollar I will be engaging the ABC Kids Babysitting Solution.

You are a chatty little (not so little) thing. You have got ‘Mum’, ‘Dad’, ‘Nan’, ‘Pop’, ‘Boo’, ‘Poo’ and a few other words down perfectly. You have nearly mastered ‘Bunny’, ‘Park’, ‘Chicken’ and some others. You know when I am telling you to stop (chewing a book for example) and you look at me, frown and make a sharp ‘nah’ sound at me. Oh dear. I can already get a sense of what you will be like as a toddler.

You have lots of tricks! You have got ‘Pop’ in ‘Pop goes the weasel’ absolutely perfect now. We still love singing it with you. You can say ‘Arrrrrr’ when Daddy asks you how the pirates go. You can also do a mean Monkey noise when we ask you how the monkey goes. You love to play peekaboo with us and particularly like to hide behind a door and then poke your head out and say ‘aaaa Boo’. A bit like mummy has been doing to you for a significant portion of your life really.

You LOVE music. All sorts but particularly nursery rhymes and anything that comes out of a fisher price toy. You bob you head and ‘sing’ along if you can. You love me singing to you (with the notable exception of ’10 in the bed’) and your faves are ‘Row Row Row your boat’, ‘Miss Polly had a Dolly’, ‘If you’re happy and you know it’ – and others but frankly there is a significant part of my brain that likes to avoid thinking about these songs whenever not crucially necessary.

We are living in Perth in your Nanna and Poppy’s house. Without a shadow of a doubt, your favourite room is the library. At least 3 times a day you will make your way in there to pull out all of the books on one of the shelves and flip through all the pages. You don’t care if it is a novel (Leon Uris anyone?) or a picture book. You are quite partial to the book about cats though. You are allowed free access to the books until you start chewing or tearing. You are getting much better in this respect and I don’t usually have to take them off you unless you are tired or cranky. You still love story time too – too many favourite books to mention 🙂

We went to the zoo for the first time this month – it would be a slight exaggeration to say you loved it, but you did enjoy yourself. Especially the hot chips at the cafe. And the cheetah, the elephant and one of the monkeys who wanted to steal your cruskit through the glass…

Last time I checked you weighed 11kg and were 78cm tall. 98th percentile for your height and weight – for an 11 month old.

You find so many things amusing and are such a happy little munchkin – we love it when you wake up every morning and come and have a cuddle with us. We especially love that you sleep through the night most nights – what a blessing!

So much more to say but you are the most fabulous, mysterious, clever and loveable little thing that I could ever imagine.


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