The kid is 1!

Dear Leila,

Do I have to stop calling you my baby now? Your Dad has suggested you aren’t a baby anymore but I know better. I know it because you still like to sidle up to me when I’m sitting on the couch and lay your head on my knee for a little rest. And you still like to lay back and let me hold your bottle for you while you hold my finger and your eyes get heavy and relaxed. I know you are still my baby when the only thing that will stop your (fortunately becoming rare again) tears at night is getting to sleep on my chest under the doona in our bed.

But other than these last little vestiges of babyhood you are turning into a real little person. You are talking in sentences (that no one else can understand) and are very sure of what you want. Generally that is access to light switches, your books, to play with the buttons on foxtel, and whatever anyone else is eating. You have become a bit of a flirt and have a quite adorable new mannerism of putting your hands over your mouth in faux surprise. You are so very gorgeous.

You are slightly less gorgeous in the middle of the night these days as you will regularly wake up every 15 minutes for 1-2hours and only go back to sleep with cuddles. Generally Mummy cuddles. But we have had a few good nights so I am hoping things are improving. You have discovered that your bookshelf is next to your bed so quite often when you are supposed to be going to sleep in the day time you are standing up attempting to drag your books into your cot. Usually you just manage to dump them on the floor and then shout in frustration.

You are an outside kid I think. You are happiest at the park, on the deck or generally in the fresh air. Not necessarily in your pram though, being restrained in any way is not your favourite thing (I’m so pleased we are about to go on another long plane ride!). You are particularly in love with the slide and if I lie you down you like to go down without any parental assistance. This week I let you go down a slide and you plopped right off the end on your bum into the sand and looked quite shocked, but then you started giggling and tried to climb back up.

You aren’t walking yet but you will stand up and walk around on anything. You probably could walk more than the few steps you have attempted but you resolutely (belligerently??) resist our attempts to encourage (trick?) you into walking between us. When you don’t want to do something there is absolutely NO way we can make you. You just kerplunk down on your bum and your legs become jelly legs. Fair enough kiddo – you do it in your own time.

You had a lovely 1st birthday party with our Perth family, your Scarf grandparents and a few family friends. Unfortunately your baby friends are all in Sydney and we have had to share birthdays by Facebook. Mummy is endeavouring some crafty activity to make some birthday presents for them – but it is fair to say that craft is not her strong suit… You ate cake at your birthday and I am pretty sure you liked it. You went a little bit bananas (happy bananas!!) and reeled around laughing from person to person. You did take an hour to go to sleep that night though. Fair enough – sh*t was exciting!

You are much clever-er at toys now. You still put everything in your mouth, but you also play with things. Your attention span is still microscopically short though. If something engages you for more than 5 minutes I think we have a winner. So far that is books, opening and closing the door of your car, trying to get the remote controls, pulling folded clothes out of the basket, throwing balls around, umm… anything that has Mum or Dad or Nanna involved.

You are such a fabulous little person and every day I can see hints of the person that you will be. Funny, interesting, amused, strong willed…

We love you little girl xxx


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