The kid is 1!

Dear Leila, Do I have to stop calling you my baby now? Your Dad has suggested you aren’t a baby anymore but I know better. I know it because you still like to sidle up to me when I’m sitting on the couch and lay your head on my knee for a little rest. And […]

10 months (and 2 weeks…)

(Leila in her favourite part of the house during her grandparents surprise wedding!) Baby girl there is no stopping you now! I find myself marvelling at how clever you are and how much you are learning and doing, every single day. You are really getting the hang of pulling yourself up to standing on things. […]


I’ve heard a bit about the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) and as much as I loathe the acronym, I am the poster child. I was the kid who didn’t want to have a proper shower in case something happened and I missed it and just ran my hand under the water to trick my […]

Letter to Leila – 6 months

  Dear Leila, You are 0.5! I can’t believe it. Surely you are still my tiny bundle? HA!!!! You are a growing girl now. This month you hit 8kg and who knows how many cm. You are wearing size 1 pants though so I think it is many cm…  The biggest, most life changing thing […]